2019 Summer Intern Cohort


Gia Dacayanan

Hey, folks! My name is Gia Dacayanan, and I am currently a summer intern at API Equality-LA. By working with this grassroots organization, I hope to put radical theories, which place Black queer liberation at the forefront, into grounded practice.


Rosa wang

Hi I'm Rosa Wang, and I use they/them or she/her pronouns! I am part of the 2019 Seeding Change Fellowship cohort, and I am placed at API Equality-LA this summer. While interning with API Equality-LA, I hope to gain the skills necessary to build community for LGBTQ+ Asian and Pacific Islander folx, strengthen ties to other marginalized communities, and provide support for each other while we fight for collective liberation. With API Equality-LA and Seeding Change, I want to spread and amplify the love I've been given from my communities, and hope to galvanize more folks to collectively organize and to prioritize healing and growth in our own lives and relationships with each other.


Tristan J. Yi

Tristan J. Yi was a Volunteer Leader on APIELA's Fundraising Committee before throwing down the gauntlet for this summer's internship, where he hopes to gather the tools to dismantle the master's house, floorboard by shingle. He looks forward to jumping headfirst into the good work and further connecting with this wonderful community. It's time to don some sunglasses and face our bright, bright future together.



Hi! My name is Ivy, and I use they/them pronouns. As a summer intern at API Equality-LA, I'm excited at the prospect of fostering community, and working closely with and for my fellow queer Asians. I want to play my role in the dismantling of the network of oppressions that tie us together, from transphobia to anti-blackness to gentrification and so on. I hope to familiarize myself with what it takes to collectively dream of and fight for a truly equitable and liberatory future.